Friday, September 8, 2017

Product Review for 12" ProProcessor Commercial Meat Slicer (Item #698-114)

Picture of a ProProcessor meat slicer

12" Commercial Electric Meat Slicer by ProProcessor
(Item #646-334)

 This heavy commercial food slicer is a fully automated and built for busy food establishments that need to multitask. The benefit of this unit is that you just load the meat and come back later.  This isn’t a cheap meat slicer. If you take care of it should last you for a good number of years.

Like any commercial meat slicer it should be handled with care.  Some restaurants are cautious who can use their cutter, leaving the job for the manager or lead. Since this is an electrical unit make sure you follow the washing instructions laid out in the manual.

When using your commercial meat slicer, always keep safety in mind.  Remember these blades are extremely sharp and can easily cut through virtually any kind of mean including your fingers. However you still want to inspect the food you are putting through your slicer watching out for foreign substances and bones

Keep in mind when receiving this item that it is sent freight since the shipping weight is 190lbs.  Its also worthy to note that a meat slicers should be heavy for safety reasons.

This meat slicer boasts of a 12" blade and is fully automatic, meeting national hygiene standards. This machine is made to run well in colder environments since it is always important to slice your meat cold to avoid smearing. The slicer has an anodized aluminum, large salver with a built in sharpener. This unit has a high quality stainless steel blade.

Slicing Power: 370W
Blade Power: 200W
Slicing speed: 34pcs/min
Voltage: 110v/60H 1ph.
Blade Diameter: 300mm

For those who are new to the idea of commercial meat slicing, there are a number of reasons to slice your own foods. Here are just a few:

Saves Money

Makes Food Fresh

Portion Control

Manage the size of cut

Slice Food Quickly & Consistently

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